Minnie Cho is a creative director and visual artist based in New York City. Originally from Rochester, NY, she graduated with a BA in Studio Art from Williams College. For the latest news and updates, follow on Instagram.


The inspiration for my work is always somehow rooted in the power of photography to transform perception. It is fueled by the hope that expanding our ways of seeing will open up potential ways of being and understanding.

The Alchemy series observes the transformation of matter by natural processes that nurture magic and wonder in everyday phenomena. Terraforma portrays surface formations that transform our environment and shape our experience of the natural world. The Macro Micro series plays with scale and perspective to imagine alternative macro and microcosms for sustaining life. Infrastructure reimagines urban spaces using fabrics from the natural and built environments to examine what makes a city healthy, habitable, and sustainable.

Silhouette, 2020, from the ALCHEMY series

Bathe, 2020, from the TERRAFORMA series

Ebb, 2018, from the MACRO MICRO series

Regeneration, 2017, from the INFRASTRUCTURE series